SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2023
Live Virtual Event
Join Us For the 2 Day Experience That WILL Help Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Everyone Else Become More Powerful and Grow the Business and/or Life of Their Dreams

 Watch "The Godfather of Coaching", Steve Chandler, Who Will Show You How to Change Your Life


Steve Chandler is an author of over 40 books, including "The Prosperous Coach" and nicknamed "The Godfather of Coaching" due to being one of the biggest influences in the coaching world. 

He is the founder of the Coaching Prosperity School that introduced the Advance Client System (ACS), which is all about helping coaches get more clients...the right way. He has helped countless people find prosperity in their lives through his coaching, books, courses and programs.

Having helped so many people find success, wealth and happiness in their lives, imagine what you can learn from him in this summit.

SPEAKING TOPIC: Daily Inspiration and Motivation

Why You Should Postpone the Birthday Party, Reschedule Your Dentist Appointment, and Hire a Babysitter (or Pet Sitter) for September 15th - 16th…

In other words, why you should do WHATEVER it takes to


I know what you're thinking, you are thinking that you're tired of hearing "Try this strategy, it works" or "Don't use that one, it doesn't work", then "Whoops, here's a new one"

It's got you on the "feeling overwhelmed train" and ready to give up or ready to try something completely new.

Well, we are going to show you the COMPLETE path to success and happiness in your coaching, your life and your business.

If you want to leave your frustration, your confusion and your stuckness in the past, then allow us to take you on the path to success at Upgrade Your Coaching Live Summit.

If you still hunger for success and you KNOW you were meant for more than this... believe that you can make sure current business work, but not sure how to put the puzzle pieces together

Be Here.

We will show you how you can become more powerful, build confidence, grow your business and have the happiness you always dreamed of.

Yet, There Are Some Seriously Deeper Reasons YOU Should Clear Your Calendar and Be With Us September 15-16th

  • If you want to FEEL powerful again; like...remember that time when you first discovered your business or coaching or marketing and you were full of dreams and hope and felt like THIS was finally the way you were going to make it...
  • If you are sick and tired of the way things are going or you just need a boost to your mindset and business...
  • ​If you are tired of seeing the same income, the same debts, the same negativity and that same feeling that "I can do better than this or I am better than this"...
  • This is when you stand up, commit and finally say...

"It is time to Upgrade, I am Committed to my success

  • We are here to help you get there and we want to see you succeed.
  • We are in this together and we are here to help you grow...together
  • ​If you wake up each day overwhelmed by the stress of your clients or not having the time to truly be free or have the balance and happiness in your life....
  • ​Give us the permission to show you the way...

Before You Go Any Further, Let Me Give You 3 Good Reasons NOT to Attend This Event

  • You are not really serious about being a coaching or a business owner or really don't want to be happy and financially independent...that you quite frankly deserve.
  • The opinions of your peers, your friends, your family, and your spouse matter more than what you know DEEP inside your mind and soul.
  • You are stuck in your "Comfort Zone" and don't want to make any changes to make things better in your life or business moving forward.
  • ​....then it might be best for you not to attend

Of course, if you can identify with any of these 3 reasons not to attend, you might actually be somebody who will benefit the MOST!

If you make the effort to attend you will find that this event is the perfect vehicle for you to find your freedom and happiness.

More importantly, your mindset will shift and you’ll begin to break free of your limiting beliefs so that you can achieve a higher level of success than you ever thought possible!

What You Can Expect

Inspiring Speakers

You have a group of 14 speakers that have been where you are and will help you find that next level. They will help you overcome limiting beliefs, find your confidence and give you the tools, tips and secrets to find the success and happiness that you truly deserve.

Actionable Content

As someone that wants to take the next steps to their success and happiness whether it is becoming a more powerful coach, building a bigger business or it's finding fulfillment within yourself and your relationships; you will find the steps at this summit to make that happen.

Great Conversations

You will be connecting with some of the most wonderful people in the world that you will want to network with. There will be lifelong connections made that will change your live for the better forever. These will be friends you will want to surround yourself with for years.

Recordings for Life (MEGA VIPs ONLY)

The recordings of this event and the speaker panel are 100% reserved for our Mega VIP Members ONLY. If you choose to join us as a General Admission registrant, then you will only have access to the replays until 12am EST on Sunday September 16th. That is not a lot of time to re-watch your favorites.

Exclusive Panel

If you register for the Mega VIP Pack, then you will get an exclusive panel with the speakers on day 3. This panel will consist of two sessions (With Breaks In Between) where the first session our moderator will ask the panel burning questions and the second session, YOU will ask your burning questions

Scavenger Hunt (MEGA VIPs ONLY)

The Mega VIPs also get to participate in a digital Scavenger Hunt that will deliver actual prizes. You will be given clues from each of the speakers for items to find online or in your home (We will not ask you to find things outside of the house). This is an amazing add on to this already amazing event.

Meet The Powerful Speakers Who Will Inspire You & Help You Get To The Next Level In Your Business!


Steve Chandler is an author of over 40 books, including "The Prosperous Coach" and nicknamed "The Godfather of Coaching" due to being one of the biggest influences in the coaching world. 

He is the founder of the Coaching Prosperity School that introduced the Advance Client System (ACS), which is all about helping coaches get more clients...the right way. He has helped hundreds of people find prosperity in their lives through his coaching, books, courses and programs.

Having helped so many people find success, wealth and happiness in their lives, imagine what you can learn from him in this summit.

SPEAKING TOPIC: Daily Inspiration and Motivation


Kamin Samuel, PhD, was the first African American Navy Helicopter Pilot that overcame many obstacles and adversity to get there. She then transitioned into the small and corporate business worlds, where she was able to serve as Vice President of Online Merchandising and Vice President of Global Website Operations at a billion-dollar company.

She then rocketed herself to an International Business and Executive Life Coach, and an IMPAQ B STATE® Coach, helping coaches and professionals increase their wealth mindset, improve performance, develop Breakthrough leadership skills, and create strategies to expand their opportunities.

Her latest book, of 5, is "Wealth Creation for Coaches" is a must read for those in the coaching world and is an absolute inspiration (Co-authored with Steve Chandler).

SPEAKING TOPIC: Wealth Creation for Coaches


Ankush Jain is a Principles-based coach, business consultant, father, author, podcast host and public speaker based in the UK. He is the founder of The Powerful Men's Immersions which are the best personal development programs for men in the world. Clients fly from all around the globe to work with him and he is amongst the most successful coaches in Europe. He has a waiting list of people wanting to work with him.

Ankush also coaches other coaches to grow impactful, ethical and sustainable practices and is the founder of the hugely successful AJC Coaching Career School which quickly sold out after it launched. He is the author of the book: Sweet Sharing: Rediscovering the REAL You and is currently penning his second book about his journey to becoming the coach he is today.

SPEAKING TOPIC: Being a 7 Figure Coach


Kellan spent much of his life in the corporate energy world, including working on billion dollar deals, speaking in front of congress and similar when he had an enlightened experience that changed his life forever for the better.

Kellan has become the ultimate catalyst to help motivated people melt barriers, move mountains and mobilize superpowers to achieve their true desires. As a coach and keynote speaker, Kellan’s masterful approach helps people get past old stories, change beliefs and create a life context to reach even goals that seemed impossible.

With 19 published books, many of which are best sellers, he is one of the best people in the world that you can learn from when it comes to finding success and happiness in your life and business.

SPEAKING TOPIC: Fastest Path to Coaching Cash


For more than 20 years, Tony was a leader and coach for companies from 80 employees up to corporations with 100,000 employees. In that time, he learned from many leaders, mentors and coaches. He has helped many people find their successful careers, businesses and lives through his time as a leader.

He spent much of the following years learning personal development, investing in himself, growing a business and being a transformation coach. He has been dubbed by his colleagues to be "The World's Best Belief Coach" being that he helps people belief in their vision and their successes.

Imagine for a moment if you were actually able to visualize your goals, your future and your dreams...then make them all come true.

SPEAKING TOPIC: The Power of Your Vision in Your Success


Paul aka The Maverick Millionaire talks from the heart with a counter-intuitive approach to life and business. With 36 years as an entrepreneur running his first company at 22 years old, and 15 years as a speaker, Paul will empower your participants to take action.

With leadership experience in multiple industries building million dollar businesses, as well as a successful personal life with a passionate relationship with his wife and six amazing children, your audience will know Paul walks his talk at all levels.

With a wide verity of topics to choose from Paul Finck is the expert you want on your stage to connect authentically from the stage.

Speaking Topic: The 6 Figure Event: Program, Process and Price


Mark went from having $7 in his bank account while living in Costa Rica with the woman of his dreams, to creating a 6 figure income in now time. He learned video marketing and was able to turn it all around in just about 90 days to bring his family into the live they deserved.

Since then, Mark has become THE video marketing expert, creating multiple 6 figure businesses with his video and digital marketing skills. He has helped countless people create massive businesses through teaching his video marketing skills.

If you have ever thought about making your business grow with video marketing, then Mark IS the guy to learn from for the next part of your journey.

Speaking Topic: Video Marketing to Maximize Your Business Success


Erin went from being a single mother of two teenage boys, not even making ends meet, to creating a 6 figure income in less than 9 months. She dug deep and learned the world of online marketing to give herself and her boys the life they deserved.

From there, she became a fabulous transformation coach to help people find the success and happiness that they are looking for in their lives. She specializes in helping people get to the deep down limiting beliefs and then overcome them.

If you want to find what is really holding you back from your goals, success and happiness, then you need to learn from Erin as SHE CAN show you the path.

Speaking Topic: Increase Your Coaching Confidence


Steve spent many years working for his father-in-law as an executive at his company and one day he decided he wanted something different...something more...for his family and himself. He found the world of network marketing, which after finding success, he migrated into transformational coaching.

Know as "The Authentic Coach", Steve has helped hundreds of people from home makers, to dentists, to corporate executives find their personal authenticity and integrity. Once that is discovered, he helps them find their success and happiness that they have always desired in their lives.

When it comes to finding your best self, your personal integrity and happiness in your life as a result, then Steve is the man that you want to learn from.

Speaking Topic: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


From working with Tony Robbins to sharing the stage with a Who's Who of speakers at the Get Motivated Seminars, Eric has used his own successful sales background to develop programs to help anyone dramatically improve in all areas that contribute to increasing their income and their happiness.

Eric has been crowned by his clients and colleagues as "The World's Best Sales Trainer" for which the results he and his clients have achieved, it is a very fitting title.

If you want to learn how to increase the sales in your coaching practice or in your business, then you can't miss what Eric has to say.

Speaking Topic: Public Speaking to Get Clients


Kim is a Certified Life and Business Coach that has built several 6 figure businesses herself prior to helping many, many others do the same. She has mastered the art of social media marketing that she uses to not only help grow her own businesses, yet also help her clients grow theirs.

She was recently contacted by Pinterest directly to be informed that she was one of their top contributors and they wanted to collaborate with her together.

If you ever thought of using Pinterest or any other social media for your business, then you are looking at one of the top experts in the field right here.

Speaking Topics: Growing Your Business with Pinterest


Michael Neeley is a former professional actor and medieval knight turned speaker, mentor to visionary solopreneurs, and the International Bestselling author of Zero to Launch Podcast Accelerator.

He is the host of six popular podcasts, including the critically acclaimed Consciously Speaking, Buy This – Not That!, Something to Wine About, The Podcast Guy, Mornings with Michael & Krista, and the Podcaster’s Cruise Podcast. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, Michael has appeared in feature films with Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, performed off Broadway with Andre Braugher and Kathleen Chalfant, and had recurring roles in several popular soap operas.

As the founder of The Authority Academy and The Infinite List, Michael now trains and supports heart-centered entrepreneurs in professional speaking, virtual summits, getting published, and designing and hosting their own podcast to massively grow their business and expand their audience. 

Speaking Topic: How to Start, Grow and Monetize a Podcast with Ease


Lindsay discovered network marketing back in 2016 because she wanted to be home to raise her two young daughters while creating time and financial freedom for her family.

She then stumbled across "Attraction Marketing" and within a matter of months she had rank advanced 3x, earned a car & a $20,000 cash bonus, and built a team that generated over $40,000+ per month in volume in the network marketing space.

She has now become a master at e-mail marketing and helps others learn how to use those skills to grow their businesses so they can find the freedom that she enjoys each and every day.

Speaking Topic: E-mail Marketing Made Easy (No, it's not dead)


Brendan is a man that has found the true path to success and wealth that he helps many, many people find themselves...running live challenges.

You've seen coaches, marketers and businesses owners running "5-Day Challenges" to offer value, grow their lists and sell their programs. Brendan and his team have created the system that makes those challenges profitable each and every time.

If you ever thought of running a 5-Day Challenge to grow your business and get sales, then you need to pay attention to what Brendan has to say

Speaking Topic: The Challenge Formula to Get More Clients and Customers


Dave is a seasoned coach with over 10 years of experience coaching individuals, couples, and businesses. Dave is a master of acknowledgment, which means he has a unique ability to see and cultivate the greatness in others. Dave's extensive training includes programs from Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, Tony Robbins, Landmark Worldwide, and NLP training through Empowerment Inc.

In addition to coaching, Dave has over 20 years of experience in high-tech leadership, where he led teams of up to 105 people in countries around the world. He's passionate about people, learning about different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, and has traveled to 16 countries around the globe.

Dave is going to bring that same energy and leadership to this event as our MC.

Stop Waiting, You have Put in the Time
It is Time for YOU to Shine NOW!

Isn't it time for you to stop being held hostage by your fears?

Isn't it time for you to start being the person you want to see in the mirror?

I have hand selected the exact speakers to help you in your transformation.

Our goal is for at least 50% of those that attend this event to be able to create the 6 or 7 figure coaching business or other business of their dreams in the next 12 months.

I’d love it if you were one of these people.

That’s why we're going to show you the exact processes that are transferable that anyone can follow to totally change your life and totally change your results!

The Upgrade Your Coaching Summit is the perfect combination of strategic mindset steps.
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